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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the subscription? 

 It's a monthly subscription where you choose one or all the records we send to you.  Once you sign up for a subscription program you will be sent pre-loved classic vintage vinyl each month direct to your door. What's cool about this is that you can choose one or all of the records we send to you or have our curators do it based on the type of music you tell us you like.  Your credit card will be charged each month and you can cancel at anytime (but we hope you don't)

What does "Cover Condition" mean? 

 Sometimes we find a great record...and the cover isn't exactly in great condition (hey, some of these records are more than 40 years old..they are going to show some wear..especially if people enjoyed them). At times the cover can have a split seam, a tear or partial seam splitting. We mark those as "Cover Condition" in our listing - because we want you to know that the cover isn't perfect (of course it's more protected now since we put all our records in new outer sleeve protectors)

What if I am not happy? 

 We try to make sure we don't send a record we  wouldn't want to play ourselves. Sometimes we do send something that may  look worn on the outside or have a few crackles (remember this is  vintage vinyl from the 50's through the 90's). In the end if you are not happy let us know (but just to give  you an idea of our standard we look for vinyl that falls into the  Goldmine VG category. Learn more about Goldmine's standard here.  

How do I cancel my membership? 

 Ok, we get it sometimes things don't work out. You cancel your membership by logging into your account on Cratejoy and cancelling it.

Do you ship outside the US? 

 Yes we do and due to the variation in shipping cost we do not offer Free Shipping outside the continental United States.  International or shipping costs for destinations outside the  continental United Status will be determined by USPS rates and billed as Shipping and Handling cost in addition to the records. 

How do I change my music preferences?  

When you signed up you told us about the type of music you like and that is what our curator's use to determine what records to send to you. If you want to change those preferences just email and let us know and we will change them in our system for you. But remember, since you choose your own records there may not be a need to let us know about new genres you are interested in.

I got a record with a cover that didn't look like the picture?  

All of the album cover pictures are stock photos and just represent the look of the cover art so yes, the actual cover you get may show signs of wear (this is classic vinyl after all and has been played and enjoyed by other record fans before we found it and you got it)

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