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Milstein – Vivaldi: Four Concerti For Violin, Strings And Cembalo


Concerto In A Major, Fanna I, No 106 (Pincherle 243)

A1.1 Allegro Molto

A1.2 Largo

A1.3 Allegro

Concerto In C Minor, ("Il Sospetto) Fanna I, No. 2 (Pincherle 419)

A2.1 Allegro

A2.2 Andante

A2.3 Allegro

Concerto In C Major, Fanna I, No. 3 (Pincherle 88)

B1.1 Allegro

B1.2 Largo

B1.3 Allegro

Concerto In A Major, Fanna I, No. 5 (Pincherle 236)

B2.1 Allegro Molto

B2.2 Largo

B2.3 Allegro